Greissy Ortega: how is your life in the US and what benefits did you get from the US government?

Greissy Ortega, Milena Zárate’s sister, has been going through difficult times in her attempt to continue residing in the United States after emigrating months ago in search of the American dream alongside her family. In dialogue with “Magaly TV, the firm”, the former children’s entertainer said that she was forced to leave the shared property where she was staying to move to a new place, in which, she said, she does not pay for any service and It has several amenities.

What is the current situation of Greissy Ortega in the United States?

Six months after arriving in Uncle Sam’s land, the former dancer and her family have been residing in a shelter for undocumented immigrants in the city of Manhattan, New York.

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That shelter, as indicated to Magaly Medina, covers all the expenses of her life, from her food, clothing, to her cleaning supplies.

They told me ‘come with your things’ and here we are going to send you to the place where you are going to settle. All this seemed super strange to us, they took us by bus to a hotel in Manhattan, it was something strange, My children already have insurance, studies, they give my daughter everything, the baby, including day care when I work”, recounted the former model.

After recounting her testimony, Magaly Medina took the floor to question Greissy Ortega for living on charity from the United States. Given the curiosity of the ‘Urraca’, Milena Zárate’s sister indicated that both she and her partner Ítalo Villaseca do have the financial means to be able to move to an apartment; however, circumstances have made it impossible for them to do so.

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Why can’t Greissy Ortega live in a house?

The reason why they have not moved up to now is because they could not find a property to live in, since in the US they hardly accept a home where more than one child can reside.

“There they rent with puppies, kittens, but not with children, they didn’t rent to us because they had more than one child,” Greissy Ortega told the ATV driver.

Greissy Ortega migrated to the United States to reunite her entire family. Photo: composition LR/ATV/Instagram/Greissy Ortega

What job does Greissy Ortega have in the United States?

In the same way, Greissy Ortega emphasized that both she and the father of her children have been working hard and evenly to be able to support their family. The model said that she got a job at a McDonald’s fast food place, while Ítalo worked unloading trucks.

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“Here they give you help until you feel the courage to go to the place you want to rent or suddenly there are people who are saving, because they don’t charge you anything here. For me and for Ítalo, we needed that, he works every day, I work every day, they take care of my daughter when she works, it is very good help, ”she said.