Greissy Ortega is justified after lying and Magaly Medina puts the patch on her: “We don’t believe that”

The former dancer Greissy Ortega has generated thousands of reactions after she was exposed for lying in front of the cameras and ensuring that she did not know the woman who would be behind the dangerous threats that her sister Milena Zárate received. However, the Colombian did not remain silent and came forward to justify her lie.

In the last edition of Magaly TV The Firm the new statements of the public figure who is still in USA with her husband Ítalo Villaseca. However, on this occasion the television presenter Magaly Medina categorically rejected the new version of her.

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What did Milena Zárate say after verifying Greissy Ortega’s lies?

Singer Milena Zarate She was outraged after discovering that her sister Greyssi Ortega does know the woman, who would be threatening her with calls. Magaly TV The firm He was the one who unmasked her.

“It’s one thing to tell me and tell me, but this??? It’s another thing!!! I’m going to get to the last with this complaint but now with names and surnames. The reprisals that they try to take against me, my family or my brother who is in the US will be solely responsible,” he said.

“And not only now, but later… I don’t have enemies, I don’t have money, or anything for them to want to hurt me. The complaint is made here and will be expanded with these tests. Tests that not only demonstrate the threats in my against, if not an apparent human trafficking in the US,” he said.