Grone Coin: the cryptocurrency created by the blue and white fans for Alianza Lima

World football is modernizing and the local one was not going to be left behind either. Digital assets are here to stay not only in various international entities, but also in the great teams of the world such as Manchester City, FC Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain that have a digital token. This trend did not take long to reach Peru from the hand of a group of Alianza Lima fans who sought to benefit the club of which they are fans with the first cryptocurrency (in the sports field) of Peru: Grone coin—Based on cryptography and associated with blockchain technology, a chain of blocks that eliminates intermediaries when making transactions.

In dialogue with Walter Álvarez, spokesperson for BYA Integrity SAC, a company founded by the creators of concepts such as ‘Por la blanquiazul’ and ‘Raifa de corazón’, we enter the world of digital assets and seek to know everything about the Grone Coin. As well as, what are the risks and benefits that fans have when acquiring this cryptocurrency. Of course, it should be noted that the main objective of the Grone Coin is to raise a significant sum of money that will be donated to the Alianza Lima club to partially or fully finance a high-performance center, soccer complex, sports center and a social headquarters.

To begin with, it is necessary to explain a little what this digital asset consists of. It is a cryptocurrency that is offered on its own blockchain network called Grone Chain that is, the transaction information will not be stored in a single location, but will be copied and distributed to a computer network, making manipulation of the information extremely unlikely.

It should also be noted that it is a means of exchange that uses cryptography —which has the qualities of confidentiality, integrity, linkage and authentication—. Once you buy a Grone Coin, you can sell it, transfer it, or use it as a means of payment in some stores.

Walter Alvarez He comments that, together with some partners and fans of Alianza Lima, they began to create some concepts – made available and executed by the western bar in an impeccable manner – which ended up generating some economic gains in favor of the institution. In addition to promoting projects that were carried out and raising more than 50,000 soles, of which 30,000 were destined to the implementation of the new medical department of the club. Seeing that they were successful, they decided to create a business model that can be sustainable over time and is not an isolated fundraising event.

“Because it is a virgin market in Peru,” explains the BYA Integridad spokesperson. Walter stresses that they have been analyzing this project for more than a year together with a group of professionals – including lawyers, financiers, accountants, among others. After several surveys issued and studies carried out, they came to the conclusion that the best way to contribute to the club of their loves is to implement a cryptocurrency business. Also, this has become popular in the biggest clubs in Europe.

But why is this project called a business? Because it is “win to win, that is, if a person who acquired a Grone Coin wins, the Alianza Lima club receives more donation. If one wins, all win”.

“By being attractive as a business, we put it in favor of the club and we are looking for that, beyond being a currency of the fans, it ends up being the currency of the club. We have made the formal proposal and we are waiting for some coordination since we have made it clear that we are willing to improve any market offer because our company was born to work for Alianza Lima. Cryptocurrencies are very powerful because they give you a range of possibilities for further development that no token will give you, “says Walter.

The objective set by BYA Integridad is to donate 80% of the profit of the business to finance the high performance center, soccer complex, sports center and a social headquarters. “After conducting qualitative studies over the last year, we realized that it was urgent for the club to have a high-performance center and head office thinking of promoting the brand in the future.”

Walter explains that since the objective is the same one that the fans perceive as urgent (information obtained from the studies carried out), the risk of little success is reduced, since it is attractive to them. If the goal is tied to what the fan considers necessary to support, they are more likely to join.

At first glance, it seems easy to understand, especially if one is involved in the world of digital assets. However, how do you convince people that they are not?

First of all, Walter emphasizes to us that it is necessary to make it very clear that, like any business, there are risks and benefits. Even more so if it is cryptocurrencies, as these tend to be fickle around the world. That is, they can sell well when their values ​​are very high or on the contrary, they could lose money if this amount falls.

Walter explains it to us this way. “If a person X buys a Grone Coin (currently valued at 0.80 cents), tomorrow he can sell it for 10 soles. Suddenly, the market price is 2 soles (this is taken from the average of all those who enter the market to sell), some people can buy it at that amount, but when the price increases to 10 soles, then that person X he will sell and earn money ”.

“If you want to get your money back on the touch, you sell it at 1.80 soles all of a sudden. These values ​​that people put are established in the market price. It is not like other banks that set the price of the currency themselves. It is speculative, but the speculation factors related to a cryptocurrency that are associated with a club are always lower, ”he says.

Yes, as in any business, there is a risk of losing your money, but this time it is less. Walter gives us an example of bitcoin, whose value was through the floors in the recent omicron cases. Being such a strong currency and used for transactions in various international markets, its price is affected due to speculation.

“We do not guarantee to anyone that it will not lower the price. The business does not work with a centralized entity. We own the business at the beginning, when we have the cryptocurrencies selling them. Once we sold them, the one with the most cryptocurrencies in the world is the owner of the business.

“We are not going to lie to people and say that they will not lose their money, but we can tell them what the pros and cons are, even more so of entering a cryptocurrency that its facts are related to the Alianza Lima club and its community of fans. Hopefully at some point it extrapolates and becomes a global exchange currency for everyone, but still, putting us in the case that it was like a bitcoin, where it fell from 60,000 to 30,000 dollars. Still, if the person bought it on the initial sale, they are winning. Those who could have a greater risk factor with these important drops are those who acquired these digital assets already at a stage that were valued because they obtain them more expensive. But if you buy it in the initial sale and it is valued, they almost always end up winning ”, emphasizes the spokesperson for BYA Integrity.

Being a cryptocurrency made by the fans and in favor of the blue and white institution, it is more than obvious that there must have been prior communication with the Alianza Lima club. Walter emphasizes that they respected all the formalities of the case and reported in due time, for which they held various meetings with both the club administrator Miguel Pons, as well as with the marketing team to exchange opinions.

When they were about to launch the presale last November, the finals took place against Sporting Cristal. In addition to the various infected by COVID-19 that were presented in the intimate campus, so the club administrators could not meet with BYA Integridad to define the issue of the Grone Coin.

Given this, they decided to go on the market with a prior communication to Miguel Pons. Walter highlights that the Alianza Lima club’s marketing team has always shown a good disposition when it comes to receiving these types of ideas, which is why they maintain expectations that in the near future, the institution itself will acquire these Grone Coins —beyond the that will be donated— and take it as their own digital currency.

Sell ​​it, transfer it or use it as a means of payment. Walter details that once the initial sale is over, the exchange (where they can transact) and the Game Room (where people can enter raffles, trivia or even play ludo or poker) will be released in January of next year – it should be noted that these two they will be later.

The ecosystem on which the Grone Coin is based is that of a solid outlet, that is, fans will be able to consume products in ventures that are not part of the institution – something very different from a digital token that will be explained later. Once the Game Room has been launched, on the Road Map, it is established that the next premiere is Grone Pay, a functionality that businesses can use to integrate into the ecosystem and receive payments in Grone Coin, as they do with VISA or Mastercard.

For the latter, Walter points out that they have already formed alliances with two brands, one is the Temple (a clothing store alluding to the blue and white club) and Alva (a virtual page that sells women’s clothing), and highlights that there will be four more brands in January.

“We are the first and only cryptocurrency in Peru (in the sports field), so several startups and companies are approaching us”, it states.

Finally, there is the difference between cryptocurrency and a fan token, which have been launched by the University of Sports and the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF).

“You have to be clear that the University thing is a fan token. We are, a virtual ecosystem where we give functionality and utility to cryptocurrency, such as the Game Room, Exchange, Grone Pay. Each one has its properties. They have sold it and worked to use it only in the environment of the ‘U’, as internal experiences; but to go further they would need to change their business model ”, he says.

“We have our own blockchain network. For example, those who want to get the FPF fan token, should first buy bitci and then acquire this fan token and the fans of Universitario must do the same, acquire a cryptocurrency to have their token. It has a superior development technologically speaking that allows you others “ Walter Álvarez ends.

In conclusion, the Grone Coin is a digital currency created by Alianza Lima fans who want the club to obtain the necessary infrastructure development without going into debt again.

It should be noted that the current value of the Grone Coin is 80 cents and the initial sale ends within three days. So if you are a fan of Alianza Lima, then you should not miss the opportunity to support the club of your loves.