Groom is arrested during his own wedding for owing alimony to his ex-partner

A wedding ended in the least expected way in Ecuador. Police officers detained the groom in full ceremony for duty alimony of several months to his ex-partner, while the guests tried to hinder the work of the agents.

The unusual incident occurred in the city of The Guabo in the province of Gold. Everything originated because the man had an economic obligation with his previous romantic relationship, reported the newscast La Clave.

Faced with this situation, the Ecuadorian National Police arrived outside the church where the wedding ceremony was taking place and detained the groom.

The unexpected episode was captured by the guests and passers-by of the site. In addition, it can be seen that the relatives and friends of the groom try to prevent him from being taken by the forces of order.

“Don’t let him go up,” one of the women who is struggling with the troops is heard saying. But the attempts were of no use, since the subject ended up being apprehended by the authorities.

In the recording you can also see how the bride remains crying while her fiancé is put into the police vehicle and is held by the guests, who complicate the work of the uniformed men.

So far it is not known what was the outcome of this unique marriage that ended up suspended due to an arrest.