Grupo 5 and Yarita Lizeth in Tacna: Time and place where their free concert will take place

Attention! After their successful concerts at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos stadium, Grupo 5 will once again perform in the interior of the country, and this time it will be done by Yarita Lizeth. Peruvian artists will join forces to perform on the anniversary of Tacna. We tell you everything you need to know below.

The musical event will take place in the Gregorio Albarracín Lanchipa district and will be produced by the promoter Chuñ Producciones. For this reason, shortly after it took place, details and recommendations about the next show were released in the following paragraphs.

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When and where will the Grupo 5 and Yarita Lizeth concert take place?

As reported by the Municipality of Gregorio Albarracín Lanchipa itself, the concert of Group 5 and Yarita Lizeth It will take place next Friday, May 26. The stage designated for the event is the Joel Gutiérrez Stadium and attendees will be able to enter the venue from 4:00 p.m.

Will there be ticket sales?

According to the promoter, for the concert of Group 5 and Yarita Lizeth In Tacna there will be no ticket or box sales because admission for everyone who wants to be present will be completely free and on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendees will go through a prior security check.

“Citizens are requested to anticipate their arrival and enjoy this great show. There is not, nor will there be, ticket sales, or box sales, since admission is completely free; There will be few boxes installed and they will be used for guests”, reported Chuñ Producciones.

Despite this information, it was announced that citizens can participate in the draw for three boxes (eight people per box) by sharing and following the steps of the Chuñ Producciones page on Facebook.

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Will only citizens of Tacna be able to enter?

No, according to information released by the Municipality of Gregorio Albarracín, admission to the concert of Group 5 and Yarita Lizeth is general. In this way, it was reported that there will be no impediment for anyone wishing to attend the event.

What other artists will be in the show?

So far, it is known that the animation of the concert of Group 5 and Yarita Lizeth will be in charge of Katia Palma, who is a well-known actress and television presenter. Other local artists from the heroic city will also be present.