Grupo Afuego lights up the merengue from Puerto Rico

The merengue group Afuego, from Puerto Rico, is in Santo Domingo exhausting an itinerary of activities and promoting their song “No la voy a deceit” and they recently presented credentials with their orchestra to the national press.

His agenda includes his special participation in the show “El Come Back” that the Dominican artist Pablo Martínez will perform, this Saturday, September 24, 2022, at the Hard Rock Live of Blue Mall, starting at 9:00 at night in a production of businessman Alberto Bernabé “Bebeto”.

The vocalists of the group, Amaro Ortiz, Samuel A. Padilla and Edwin Olivieri, have stated that they chose merengue to interpret it because it is the rhythm they love, it is in their blood, and it is also the happiest music on the planet and that comes to contribute with new colors, so that it continues to expand throughout the world.

About the “Grupo a Fuego”

Grupo @fueggo is a tropical project that began its musical career in May 2019, made up of a front of 3 vocalists, Marangely Ortiz, Samuel A. Padilla and Edwin Olivieri.

The group made its debut in a massive way in September 2019, performing at the “Puerto Rican Multicultural Festival”, an event that is held every year in the city of Orlando, Florida.

It was at that Festival where the producers of “Sanse Orlando” saw [email protected] for the first time and thanks to the applause and euphoria of the public, they managed to obtain a new invitation to participate in “Sanse 2020” sharing the stage with great artists and , in front of a crowd of 35,000 people, who enjoyed to the fullest the interpretation and scenic mastery of 3 young people who gave their all on stage.

Without a doubt, social networks have played and continue to play a leading role in the promotion and projection of [email protected], allowing it to reach audiences of different ethnic groups around the world.

This was evidenced by the release of the song “Friends with Rights”, produced by maestro Pedro Valdez, a renowned producer of Dominican origin and based in New York City.

“Friends with rights” was so popular that it served as motivation to create new music, as well as content for social networks, as a result, the great Oscarito Serrano (former member of Grupo Manía), invites you to collaborate with him and together with his orchestra director and producer of his songs, Mr. Roberto Cora, winner of multiple Grammys in the ‘merengue tropical music’ genre, the first unreleased song by [email protected] entitled “Yo I don’t know”, written by Jay Laboy, Oscarito Serrano and produced by maestro Pedro Valdez, without a doubt, another theme that continued to give people something to talk about.

After the success of “Yo no sé”, [email protected] decided to make a classic merengue version of “Mi Querido Viejo”, and again under the production of maestro Pedro Valdez and for the third time in the 3 songs, Roberto Cora contributed as recording engineer in the studio.

The success and the projection achieved provided the opportunity to make multiple presentations, revolutionizing the beginning of virtual concerts to use the networks as a potential reach to the public not only in Puerto Rico, but also in Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, the Canary Islands, in short, the whole world where the reception was very promising.

In March 2020, the pandemic arrived and its effect stopped what would undoubtedly be the revelation of a new era in merengue, but despite that forced break in June 2020, [email protected] restarted aggressively performing a virtual concert and broadcast live. from Orlando, Florida, receiving a fabulous reception by the public.

They continued to work through different and important digital platforms, waiting for the traditional media to receive artists and the public again, the [email protected] never stopped working, virtual interviews, video recordings and song launches were carried out.

In January 2022, [email protected] returned to ‘Sanse de Orlando’ and did so with a bang, because on this occasion it opened the show in La India, managing to leave the public wanting to continue dancing the good merengue.

Already in May 2022, the new member, Martín Amaro, makes his debut, who joins in the realization of a large number of Patron Saint Festivities and in large festivals.

From September 19 to 24, [email protected] will carry out the “No la voy a Engañar Media Tour” visiting important media outlets in Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital, also appearing as a special guest at the merengue concert “Come Back de Pablo Martínez”, to be held at the Hard Rock Café on Saturday, September 24.

In addition, [email protected] is invited to be part of the new artists that will participate in the ‘Latin Music Icon Awards’ in Medellin Colombia on October 12 and 13, 2022.

With only 3 years [email protected] has managed to be nominated for the Paoli Awards in Orlando, Florida to be held on November 5 and where they are nominated as Revelation Orchestra of the Year.