Grupo Jade opens a restaurant under the concept “Food Halls”

jade group It continues to grow and now expands its gastronomic concept with the introduction of the “Food Hall” project, inspired by the new trend concept of the most important cities in the world.

Garden Plaza has been the setting for this project, with a modern and minimalist design, making good use of the spaces and the use of natural lighting, which allows lovers of good food to enjoy the variety of dishes made available in a unique environment. of the diners.

The food hall have become the latest trend in gastronomy in large cities, which allows you to enjoy the best of street and international food without having to search for a new space every day, and even allowing, if a group of people are looking for something different to eat, they can do it under the same roof and at the same table.

“This food hall offers our guests the comfort to fully enjoy a business meeting, a family dinner, sharing with friends, in short, ideal for any occasion,” says Charlie Garcia, CEO of jade group.

Jade Teriyaki With this new branch, it adds 28 restaurants, whose Teriyaki menu is an Asian fusion starring mainly the Teppanyaki style (The word teppanyaki is made up of teppan, which means grilled or grilled, and yaki, which means roasted or cooked, so, etymologically, comes to mean “cooked or roasted on a griddle”)

While tamashi It is a project that was born in 2019 and that, thank God and the approval of customers, today has 9 branches, offers an interesting healthy, delicious and contemporary menu aimed at an increasingly demanding public, said Charlie García.

Finally, the gastronomic offer includes Moshi Desserts, the most fun and cheerful proposal that will offer the sweet complement to the gastronomic experience that you will find in this Food Hall. Moshi has a menu that includes delicious drinks based on tea and coffee, as well as a variety of desserts.

jade group is a restaurant chain that has gained a place in the market in its more than twenty years of existence thanks to its consistent quality and ability to adapt to changing times, occupying an outstanding place in the taste of the public in the segment of casual food and quick service.

Its growth is due, among other things, to its ability to reinvent itself, but at the same time to respond with a foolproof quality service that has guaranteed the loyalty of a constantly growing clientele.