Guayaquil in red: an 11-year-old boy was killed during a rifle attack and another fights for his life [FOTO]

Tragic. The holes in the wall of a house, following the bullets, shows the level of violence that was lived this morning in Guayaquil, Ecuador, of which a child of barely 11 years He was the mortal victim, while another minor is torn between life and death. The case is one more in the country that cries out to stop the blood in its streets.

According to local media reports, the perpetrators of the atrocious crime approached the place aboard two vehicles and attacked those who were eating a dinner at the descent of Reyes yesterday morning. Friday, January 7, 2022. These used rifles military level.

The child who lost his life was shot at chest level and in one of the legs, while the other minor who was hospitalized, registers a bullet wound to the head. The attack would have been directed towards the father of the little deceased.

“The father of the deceased child has a criminal record for illicit drug trafficking, according to the verification we did, he fled the place after the attack,” said police major Miguel Naranjo, chief of the Portete district.

The rifle attack that was directed at the family group occurred at 00:15 this Friday, January 7, at 33 and Capitan Najera streets. The event has shocked the Ecuadorian city, which has been the victim of daily blood baths.

The number of murders in Ecuador during 2021 was 2,450. In Zone 8, 680 violent deaths were registered last year, 89.14 percent more than in the previous year. In the three cantons of the Guayas province, 359 murders were reported during 2020 and 274 violent deaths in 2019.