Guinness records achieved by the Dominican Republic

This weekend tricolor pride was once again felt at its highest expression, and it is no wonder! The Dominican Republic once again inscribed its name in the Guinness World Records book, with the largest bachata dance in the world with 489 couples dancing in unison, a title that Poland had so far with 480 couples.

“The Dominican Republic takes away the Guinness Record from Poland!” Susana Reyes, official representative of Guinness World Records, said with joy, who said that only two couples were disqualified.

This record came as an inspiration to the one achieved by the same team. The largest merengue dance in the world. This was achieved on November 3, 2019, the record attempt for the largest merengue dance in the world was carried out in the Dominican Republic. This event was held in Plaza España, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, awarding the world title to AZ Films Producciones. Some 422 couples danced for more than 5 minutes to the song el Merengón, a song composed by Joseíto Mateo and re-recorded for this event with arrangements by Antonio González and the voices of Miriam Cruz, Elvis Crespo and Manny Cruz.

These have not been the only feats achieved by the country this year, in October of this year, the country obtained another Guinness record after making the largest portion of mangú served in the world, managing to process 1,000 pounds of mangú, thus surpassing the mark previous of approximately 640 pounds, established by a television program of the Hispanic community of the United States.

The Tamayo mayor’s office served as the main supplier of the plantain used to achieve this challenge, providing 4,500 units of this product, sent from the Tamayo municipality to New York.

The cultural project was in charge of the renowned chefs Amilkar Gonell, Pamela Gonell and María Marte, who managed to gain the attention of the national and international press.

The dish was made by the hands of chefs María Marte, Carolina Arias, Amílcar and Pamela Gonell.

Other Dominican Guiness records

Diario Libre did a search on the Guinness World Records website, from which more than a dozen Dominican records were extracted from various registered ones.

The biggest mojito

More people playing dominoes. In 2012 the Dominican Federation of Dominoes broke the record for the largest number of people playing dominoes simultaneously, achieving a total of 3,344 people.

The oldest president

The world’s smallest man. This title was awarded to Joaquín Balaguer at 89 years of age. He was President of the Republic in the periods 1960-62, 1966-78 and 1986-96.

The longest marathon of team reading aloud. In 2011, the Ministry of Youth of the Dominican Republic organized an event to break the record for the longest marathon reading aloud by a team.

The longest marathon of relay reading

The first permanent European settlement in the New World

Most MLB home runs per right fielder. Baseball player Sammy Sosa broke multiple records during his career. In June 1998, he hit 20 home runs to set the world record.

Oldest player to hit 30 home runs in one season. In 2016 David Ortiz was recognized as the oldest player to hit 30 home runs in a season at 40 years and 280 days.

The largest glass of mojito. In 2016, 4-Jack’s Bar and Bistro in Punta Cana broke the record for the world’s largest mojito with a 3,519-liter shot. It included 700 liters of rum, 300 liters of lemon juice, and 227 kilograms of sugar.

Announcer with more time speaking. Reached by JM Hidalgo in 2002 after lasting 80 hours from the Zol station.

The world’s first university. It was a degree awarded to the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.

The solo artist with the most albums sold at the end of the year on the tropical album charts. In 2019 Romeo Santos was recognized with this title by the albums Formula: Vol. 1 ”in 2012,“ Formula: Vol. 2 ”in 2014 and“ Golden ”in 2017. He was also honored with three additional titles that stand out. his musical career. These titles were the solo artist with the most number one albums on the Billboard Tropical Albums ending chart (5) in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018 and the artist who has spent the most consecutive weeks on the Billboard Tropical Albums chart. Billboard Hot Latin Songs (125) with “Indecent Proposal”.

The most number 1 weeks on the Billboard Tropical Airplay chart. Awarded to Prince Royce in 2020 for his single “Innocent Face.”