Guns N’ Roses in Lima: alleged resellers were captured by a reporter after not knowing the band [VIDEO]

Several tents and blankets have been seen around the San Marco Stadium for about a week or so. And it is that, the fans of Guns N’ Roses are camping to obtain a privileged place.

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And it is that, the news caught the attention of the television media and they came to the place with the aim of verifying what happened. However, to the excitement of the band’s fans, a reporter from N channel who was doing his job, discovered something peculiar.

The worker was conducting short interviews with some followers of the Americans, who answered everything very excited, but when he approached a couple of tents, he found people who did not know anything about it.

Speculation began to circulate among those present, since it seems that they would be resellers. Not only for not knowing common and current questions that are usually asked in this type of event, but because they even covered their faces because they did not want to be identified.

However, the moment generated suspicion, because, as is known, in massive concerts, there are always touts trying to take advantage of fans both in ticket sales and charging for queuing for the show.

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Guns N’ Roses in Lima: What are the entrance doors for the concert?

The producer OneEntertainment announced what will be the accesses of the San Marco Stadium so that Guns N’ Roses fans can enter the venue and enjoy the concert of the iconic rock band.

Platinum and VIP area: door of Av. Venezuela.
West Zone A and B, East and North Grandstand: Av. Amezaga gate.
Field Area: Av. Amezaga.