Guns N’ Roses in Lima: meet Duff, a puppy who camped and accompanied fans [VIDEO]

She accompanied as one more fan. A puppy named Duff, in honor of one of the members of the Guns N’ Roses band, spent several days outside the San Marcos stadium camping and waiting for the legendary group along with other fans.

YOU CAN SEE: Guns N’ Roses in Lima: Hundreds of fans fill the San Marcos Stadium to enjoy the concert [VIDEO]

In all these days of waiting, the little puppy became a supporter and companion for the fans of Guns N’ Roses who were camping to get a privileged place during the concert. They did not hesitate to feed him, shelter him and integrate him into the group as one more follower.

Even, as a true fan, Duff was given his respective patch that was the logo of the band. “He has been with us all these weeks, he has been taking great care of us, he was one more”, commented Judith Custodio who arrived from the province for the long-awaited show.

The dog, in addition to Duff, is affectionately called Firuslash, Appetite for destruction or simply Lucas, however everything has its end and the adventures with the pet culminated last Friday, since the fans were transferred to gate 1 of the San Marcos University, on Venezuela Avenue, a very busy avenue that put Duff in danger.

“I am giving him a temporary home, tomorrow a fellow activist will also give him a temporary home and a boy from tent 1 will give him a final home,” says Angélica López.

YOU CAN SEE: Guns N’ Roses in Lima: Fans have been camping outside the San Marcos stadium for the concert for days [VIDEO]

Who will be the opening act for the Guns N’ Roses concert in Lima?

It was announced that the Mexican band Molotov will be in charge of opening the concert of Guns N’ Roses this Saturday, October 8, which is why many are looking forward to a night full of rock at the San Marcos Stadium.