Guns N’ Roses in Lima: Puppy becomes ‘gunner’ after being adopted by camping fans [FOTOS]

This Saturday, October 08, Guns N’ Roses will offer a concert at the stadium of Saint Mark. However, for a couple of days, some fans have gathered in the vicinity of the place to camp and, in this way, get a privileged place.

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Given the hubbub generated by the arrival of the iconic rock band in our country, the tents and blankets did not wait outside the venue, but what caught the most attention was a gesture from the fans.

And it is that, they adopted a puppy that was abandoned and hovered near them, as if keeping them company while the day of the great show of the Americans arrived. It is for this reason that they had no better idea than to give him food, shelter and lots of love.

But that’s not all, but, in addition, they put a clothing with the logo of the band led by Axl Rose and slash. In images you can see the little animal, now ‘gunner’, waiting with the fans for the opening of the doors of the sports venue.

As you remember, Guns N’ Roses will offer their concert at night in the stadium of Saint Markwith them, Molotov is the other invited band and will be in charge of opening the show.

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Guns N’ Roses in Lima: Fans of the band have been camping for days outside the San Marcos stadium

For four days now, some Guns N’ Roses fans have been camping outside the stadium in Saint Mark and the media came to the scene to verify the facts.

Some tents and blankets were found outside the sports venue and even young people from the interior of the country came to the capital in order not to miss the incredible spectacle of the Americans.