Gynecologist deceived patients with false ‘therapy’ against cancer to abuse them

“I have decided to resign from the College of Physicians, Surgeons and Odontologists of the province of Bari, in southern Italy and I have formally requested my cancellation,” announced on Tuesday 23 November the gynecologist Giovanni Miniello.

His case was made public last week, following the broadcast of a television report in which he was accused of offering sexual relations to his patients as a treatment for the human papillomavirus and to reduce the risks of cancer.

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After the first complaint, dozens of other alleged victims have come forward.

“I have saved many women from cancer. All those with whom I have had contact have been negative, “adds the 68-year-old doctor in his statement collected by the local media.

Miniello, who worked for many years in a private clinic in his town, also assured that he proposed the “alternative treatment” and that he never resorted to violence, but left everything to the free choice of the patients, which should be clarified For justice.

However, one of the testimonies pointed out that the gynecologist began to harass her with repeated phone calls. “With fear I gave up. (…) I didn’t want to do it, but he told me that only then would he heal me, ”said the affected woman.

The process is being carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office. On the other hand, the Bari Medical College has opened a disciplinary file against him and in the next few days will call the doctor to testify.