Gynecologist offered sex to his patients to ‘cure’ cancer

A doctor from Italy, identified as Giovanni miniello, was caught committing fraud by offering to have sexual intercourse with a patient, as a treatment to cure her of cancer, according to Italian media.

The gynecologist from the southern city of Bari told the 33-year-old woman that she appeared to have the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cancer, even though your Pap test was negative.

But the woman, identified as Anna Maria, decided to contact the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, claiming that Miniello had inappropriately touched her breasts.

In addition, she said she was surprised that he proposed to have sex with her when she asked about the results of her Pap test. The patient approached the research program “Le lene”, which hired an actress to play a patient.

Miniello told her that she had white spots on her cervix, indicating the presence of HPV, and also offered to have sex with her, claiming it would give her immunity because she had been vaccinated.

When the actress asked about protection, the doctor told her that using a condom would not allow her to get the benefit of her antibodies.

At that, a journalist broke in and surprised the half-naked doctor, who defended himself and said: “I am doing this for my studies and for the other people I have saved. “.

The man went on to say such nonsense through his lawyer: “I, who have successfully treated hundreds of women for more than 40 years. I only proposed an alternative treatment that has worked, ”adding that he never forced women to have sex with him.

As a result of the television exposure, 15 other women have come forward and claimed that they were also victims of the doctor and his miraculous sexual cure.

Marika Massara, coordinator of the Anti-Violence Center in Bari, said authorities have received several reports in recent days.

Some consider reporting it, others are afraid, also because the level of secondary victimization that we are witnessing is very high, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the city prosecutor has launched an investigation and the Bari Medical College has opened a disciplinary file against him.