Hackers create YouTube videos with Artificial Intelligence and use them to spread viruses

Although the popularity of TikTok is increasing exponentially, there is still a long way to go before it surpasses Youtube. Currently, Google’s video platform is the most important in the world; For this reason, it is not surprising that a group of hackers are using it to spread dangerous computer viruses. How is that possible? Here we tell you all the details.

As detailed by El Androide Libre, a specialized technology portal, these cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence (AI) to create videos with attractive content. Usually, the clips are about popular paid programs (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, etc.), which you can download absolutely free.

To give the hoax more credibility, the videos are presented by men and women who, at first glance, appear to be YouTubers. However, these people are not real, they have been created using Synthesia or D-ID, artificial intelligence (AI) programs that allow you to create clips with fake humans that you can ‘make them talk’ whatever you want.

Thousands of people swallow the lie and do not hesitate to download this supposed free version that, in reality, ends up being a computer virus or malware that steals your information, both passwords and credit card details. There are even some that can hijack the files on your PC (ransomware) and return them to you only if you make a payment.

They use channels of famous youtubers

Hackers do not create channels from scratch to upload this type of content, since it would not have as much reach. What they are doing is contacting relatively famous youtubers (more than 100,000 followers) who they deceive and end up stealing their account. Once in their possession, they use it to upload their fake videos.