Harmony 10, who is David Córdova, ‘El Cóndor’, replacement for ‘Gato’ Bazán in the orchestra?

Harmony 10 one of the most representative bands of the Peruvian cumbia, has a new member for a few months. It is about David Córdova nicknamed ‘El Cóndor’ by his friends and acquaintances, who joined the Piura orchestra in July 2021. The young man was chosen after a rigorous internal casting carried out by the group.

The 28-year-old artist hails from the northern region where Walter Lozada’s musical company was founded and has been positively incorporated into the group, thus becoming an essential piece.

The founder of Armonía 10 told a few months ago The Republic how this process took place to integrate him into the orchestra.

“We did an internal casting on Facebook. We chose five boys from Sullana, Sechura and Paita. With my brother and two musicians we evaluate and select them. (David) was chosen for his powerful and elegant voice ”, he commented, highlighting one of his qualities.

“The boys saw that he has the Condorito type hairstyle. So he himself said: ‘Yeah, so I’m’ the Condor David, ‘”he added, referring to the nickname given to him by his colleagues.

After integrating Harmony 10, the singer gave a few brief statements for this medium.

“I have been working in small groups, like in the cumbia of San Juan. Now I am going to work with Armonía 10, a large company recognized throughout Peru. I am happy, happy, content, and above all grateful to the Lozada Floriano family, to Mr. Walter. They are wonderful people who have opened doors for me ”, he commented.

“(We will be) delivering all the best so that people feel happy after everything has been stagnant in a pandemic,” he added at the time.

During 2021, Armonía 10 has performed shows complying with the restrictive and preventive measures against COVID-19. In the same way, in the last quarter of the year he performed a new casting for his orchestra.

It was thus that in mid-December of last year he announced his new addition for this summer: Leandro Lozada Yañez, son of maestro Javier Lozada.

“In Armonía 10, we are training new talents to continue with the legacy of Peruvian cumbia throughout Peru and the world”, is the motto of the group shared on social networks.