Harmony 10 will have a musical duel with Brunella Torpoco [VIDEO]

With more than forty years in the music scene, Armonía 10 returns to the Lima stages to offer its best hits. On this occasion it will have a musical floor with salsa references, in the event called “Festival cumbia with salsa”, where they will share the stage with Brunella Torpoco, and Combinacion de La Habana, at the Quipan complex in Comas on January 29.

The piurano group, known as ‘the university of cumbia’, will return to the capital with a renewed front, but with the same essence and musical style that characterizes the norteño group. Where Leandro is the son of Walter Lozada, the director of Armonía 10. Also featured is David Córdova, known as ‘the condor’ replacing ‘Gato’ Bazán in animation.

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“We return renewed, with a new front but with the same essence of Armonía 10, with hits like Cervecero, I always lose in love, themes that marked the Peruvian cumbia and make everyone dance, “said Walter Lozada, the group’s musical director.

In the salsa will be the young but talented Brunella Torpoco, in a short time she has won the preference of the public with her hits Señora, Ella, Lo quiero a muerte, Mal hombre, among other songs that earned her to be the revelation of the national salsa for at the Radiomar awards.


“We are happy to return to the stage little by little, people want to be distracted and sing with their favorite groups,” said the chalaca singer.

Currently the revelation of salsa sounds on the radio with the songs Señora, Ella and Mal hombre. Joining her will be Combination of Havana and DJ Chicha Kriminal

The “Festival cumbia con salsa”, where Armonía 10, Brunella Torpoco, Combinación de La Habana, Dj Chicha Kriminal among others will participate, to be held on Saturday, January 29 at the Quipan Complex in Av. Trapiche in Comas. It is important to highlight that this musical event will comply with all sanitary and biosafety protocols, and will have a limited capacity.


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