Has Juliana Oxenford been courted by politicians? The journalist tells everything

Juliana Oxenford was the last guest Veronica Linares to its digital space “La Linares”. Both journalists had a long and extended conversation in which the host of “Al estilo Juliana” revealed anecdotes of her extensive career on television, of the eating problems she suffered in her youth and of her relationship with officials Peruvian public. At one point in the interview, the press woman was asked if she had ever been bullied by a politician, and her answer surprised more than one.

Prior to the presenter’s response, Juliana highlighted her great passion for politics. She also said that the reason why she enjoys talking about this specialty so much is because she likes to corner some state characters when necessary. Verónica then interrupted her to ask if she had ever been courted.

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Has Juliana Oxenford dated politicians?

The press woman explained that she has received proposals to date a governor and to attend social engagements with people related to politics, but she ended up giving up the offers because she knows that a journalist cannot have a close relationship with a politician.

I have ever been told to have a coffee with such a governor, but I do not accept. Party of, no (…). I I will not be in a place where there are politicians. Journalists cannot be your friends“The driver replied.

Was Federico Salazar the mentor of Juliana Oxenford?

Likewise, the host highlighted her friendship with Federico Salazar, with whom she shared work during her beginnings on the Panamericana Televisión channel. From there, she explained, her admiration for the América TV journalist was born.

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“Bruno Pinasco, Janet Barboza, Gisela Valcárcel (…) were there. I remember that the first person who approached me —he spoke to me like a dad— was Federico Salazar. I took a fondness for him that I have until now and he seems to me an exceptional human being. As a person he is very good. He even made me dance with Tongo and I love cumbia, ”she told Verónica Linares.