Have faith in the ‘U’! Guadalupe feels that the fan trusts the work of Gregorio Pérez

Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe He referred to the current situation of the University of Sports and the confidence that exists by the cream fans to achieve the objectives in the new season. The former player believes in the administration of Jean ferrari the coaching staff and the players who have remained in the squad, since they have had a good season in 2021.

The ‘Cuto’ He declared for Radio Ovación that he feels happy with how he has been working in the administrative and sports fields. “I am happy with what is being done administratively, in sports, happy because the fan has the guarantee that we have a prestigious coach and the players who have stayed have done things well,” he began.

“The ‘U’ is making an effort to arm itself and make a good Libertadores Cup and, in the local championship, achieve the 27 star. You have to give him confidence, the fan wants him to Ferrari do a transparent job. I have had the opportunity to talk with Jean before he takes office, I trust him a lot and we will always want the best for the club. Jean’s job is not easy at all “ added.

About hiring Manuel Barreto for the minor divisions of the Ate club, Guadeloupe He mentioned that he does not see it as a reference and hierarchy to transmit to the youngest. He confessed that, at the time, he told Ferrari that he would like to support the institution in this training phase.

Finally, Luis He said that to play the continental you have to strengthen yourself with players who can measure up. In addition, he said that he hopes that all Peruvian teams do well in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. “I am interested that, not only the ‘U’, but all the Peruvian teams that are going to compete in the international tournament are up to the task and can be reinforced according to their possibilities” Held.