Haydée Raymundo arrives with an orchestra to the women’s prison to celebrate Abencia Meza’s birthday

Abencia Meza has just turned 48 and a few weeks ago it was announced that she wanted a pardon, as she wrote in a letter addressed to President Dina Boluarte. However, already in her day, her colleague Haydée Raymundo he remembered her and wanted to surprise her with great detail.

As you remember, absence He has been sentenced for the murder of Alicia Delgado, which occurred in 2009. It was the Peruvian justice that rectified the 30-year prison sentence for the event, which he has been serving since 2011 in the women’s prison located in the populous district of chorrillos.

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Haydée Raymundo celebrates Abencia Meza’s birthday from prison

By way of support, Raymond came to the outskirts of the women’s penitentiary center accompanied by John Leyva, a friend of both vernacular singers. In addition, he also arrived with a musical orchestra and, of course, brought her a birthday cake. However, he was not allowed to enter because it was not a visiting day.

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Son of Abencia Meza asks for her freedom

Yosmel Lugo It is the name of the son of Abencia Meza and he maintained communication with the “America Today” program. The singer’s heir requested the freedom of her mother because he points out that the process against her had no analysis.

When asked by the driver Janet Barboza If you plan to go with your request to higher instances such as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Yosmel affirmed the fact: “Yes, of course, yes. Everything is already in process, really, what you want is not to wait for my mother to be outside”.

On the other hand, the young man also indicated that there was a “bad manner” in the trial against ‘The queen of partying‘, emphasizing that it was not investigated as it should be and they only imprisoned someone suspicious.

“I feel that the process has been carried out in a very radical way in a bad way. Very conclusive, without going to the bottom without analysis. A good investigation. It was enough for them that there was only one person as a suspect, they lacked professionalism. It is easy to answer Alicia no I had a good relationship with my mom.”