HBO Max and Disney Plus also do not allow account sharing with users outside the home such as Netflix

As is well known, Netflix, one of the most popular streaming service platforms currently in Peru, has applied new strategies in several Latin American countries to end free shared accounts. As part of these policies, Netflix began to make an additional charge for each user who accesses the account and who is not at the established address; in Peru that charge is currently S/7.90.

Although Netflix has initially promoted the sharing of its platform accounts, using this tool to share the service with friends and family who do not live in the same house has been a constant that was never prohibited until last year. However, if one takes the time to read the Terms and conditions of the service of various platforms, we can realize that the situation has always been specified.

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As can be seen in the Terms of Use for LATAM of HBO Maxusers should only share login credentials with people they live with. Once you create an HBO Max Account, you will have the option to add up to five (5) authorized user profiles to the account (the “Authorized Users”). We may limit the maximum number of Authorized Users you can add or use the Platform at one time. Authorized Users can only be direct family members or people with whom you live” clearly states the service contract.

HBO Max allows you to play your catalog simultaneously on up to three devices. While the company does not actively limit the use of shared accounts with people outside of our household, if we do, we would be violating the subscription contract.

In case of disney plusYes, the Subscriber Agreement is much more formal in the terminology by which they refer, but if you take the time to read it you will find that, like Netflix and HBO MaxThey also do not allow account sharing with “third parties”. Restrictions on Your Use of the Disney+ Service. You agree that, as a condition of your license, you may not, and you agree not to (…) X. Provide login credentials to third parties; or otherwise allow third parties to violate the above restrictions.

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Prime Video a special case?

With Prime Videoit is a somewhat different situation, since the acquisition that is made is not only for the streaming service, but a whole package called “Amazon Prime”, which offers benefits on other platforms such as twitch or the same page of sale and purchase Amazon. It is in this sense that, in the Terms and Conditions, there is no specific mention of accounts shared with people outside our home, so the contract would not be violated.

Although it seems that at the end of the day almost all streaming platforms will reject sharing your account with people you do not live with, it has only been Netflix as of today that has raised the active restriction by paying for this option.