HBO Max will be renamed Max after its merger with Discovery+ and will have a new premium subscription for $20 a month

HBO Max and Discovery+ will be renamed ‘max’ after uniting their catalogs in a single platform during this year 2023, with which they will launch a new premium subscription plan that will have a price of around $20 per month and better features.

Warner Bros. Discovery Entertainment Company announced in Augustadeither year its plans for HBO Max and Discovery+, which will be merged into the same streaming content service. In this way, HBO Max will incorporate thousands of titles from the Discovery+ library on its new platform, which will first be available in the United States and Canada.

Warner Bros CEO, David Zaslav, is betting on the merger of both services with the aim of creating a platform that contains enough programming to increase the number of people who want to subscribe and compete against Netflix, Disney + and Amazon.

This has been reported by sources close to HBO in statements to Bloomberg, which ensure that the company hopes to call this new service ‘Max’, since it considers that the name of HBO “drives away a lot of potential subscribers”.

As for the subscription plans, anonymous sources have indicated that the company intends to keep a price of around $10 a month for a subscription plan with advertising and, on the other hand, between 15 and 16 dollars for the ad-free version.

In addition to all this, the sources have also advanced that Warner Bros. seeks to offer a new subscription, which will amount to 20 dollars a month and that will offer a better quality of video in addition to “other features” that have not been revealed, because the company is still working on the various plans and it is possible that they will change.

In this context, Bloomberg has indicated that Warner Bros. will announce the plans for its new retransmission service at a press event in April and will present ‘Max’ in the “coming weeks”.