He asks his girlfriend to marry him, but after “yes, I accept” he charges her half of the engagement ring

In Taiwan, a woman shared on the Dcard social network that her boyfriend asked her to pay half of the engagement ring, which he gave her, after he proposed to her and she agreed to marry him.

According to the young woman, the ring that her partner gave her cost $4,900. He put the diamond ring on her hand and in front of her friends, but then at her house he asked her to transfer half the price of her ring to him.

In the four years of her relationship with her boyfriend, they usually both share their expenses, even when they buy small items like bottled water, but this request still caused astonishment in the young woman when the man told her that “marriage is for two people and everything must be shared equally.

Despite the fact that she has not yet ended the relationship, they have grown apart. He hasn’t asked her again to split the cost of the ring, but even so, she has decided not to wear the ring.

This story has generated more than 2,000 comments on the social network, and Internet users have advised her to end that relationship once and for all, because her partner does not love her enough to afford to spend almost 5 million dollars on a symbol of union. “You got into debt”, “He was the one who chose the diamond ring and the price”, “Just brush half of the toilet and let him brush the other half” and “Give the ring back and break up with your boyfriend”, were some of them. the comments on the post.