He became a millionaire in the lottery, but he hides it from his family so they don’t stop working

It is quite common to hear news of lottery winners who went to the bankruptcy soon to collect the prize. Many have become millionaires from one day to the next, but, due to bad decisions, they have entered into family crises which sometimes end in tragedies.

a man of China, aware of the dangers of exorbitant sums of money, he decided to hide the prize from more than 30 million dollars to his wife and son to continue working.

He Mr Li, as the man identified himself, he wore the costume of a yellow cartoon character to keep his identity a secret when he went to collect the millionaire prize at the Guangxi Welfare lottery center.

“I did not say anything to my wife and son for fear that they would be too complacent and not work in the future,” the man confessed to a local media after being asked about his curious way of hiding his face.

The man, who keeps his identity a secret and who expressed his concern for the future of his family, assured that I had been playing the lottery for a decade and that he had only earned a few dollars.

However, he realized that he had the winning ticket and fearfully left to take the train to the state capital to collect the prize. “I didn’t leave the hotel, because I was afraid of going out and losing the lottery ticket.”

After collecting the prize equivalent to more than 30 million dollars, the winner said he donated about $1 million to charity and it’s still unclear what he will do with the rest of the money.