He competes with Piqué! Rafael Cardozo ventures as a soccer organizer with his Peruvian ‘Kings League’

When Shakira and Gerard Piqué ended their relationship, they both took different paths. While she continued to dedicate herself to her musical themesthis time he sent them with hints to his ex-partner and, meanwhile, he announced his retirement from the socceruntil that day when he ‘hung up his chimpunes’ arrived.

However, since he couldn’t stay away from what he loves the most, he became the organizer of a 7-a-side football tournament called ‘Kings League’, generating great expectations and euphoria on the Internet. The fact seems to have served as motivation for one of the characters in the peruvian show business: Rafael Cardozo.

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Yes, as you read it. And it is that the Brazilian who ended his relationship with cachaçawill now venture into sports fields with a project that was recently unveiled in Youtube. cardozo appeared on the channel Eric Osores and Gonzalo Nunez in order to give details and told that Carlos Zambrano is your partner.

In the same style of the ‘Kings League’, raphael will organize a soccer tournament that has already been a success, according to what he revealed, because he maintained that they only expected the registration of 50 teams, but it already has more than 200 and is looking at the way in which everyone can participate, since it will be the first edit in a couple of weeks.

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Rafael Cardozo spends night before Erick Osores when asked about Cachaza

Similarly, during the broadcast made by the YouTube channel of Erick Osores and Gonzálo Nuñez, the model Rafael Cardozo had a peculiar moment, because he did not expect a question to cause him some discomfort.

As you can not miss the comments of some users who seek to tempt the guests, cardozo he was no stranger to them and they asked him questions about his ex-partner cachaçawith whom his romance ended after more than 11 years together.

When asked by Carol Reali, raphael He did not have a better reaction than just managing to smile because he did not expect that in a purely sports space they would consult him about his media life on the screens of the peruvian television.