He got away from the press! Gerard Piqué’s father runs away when asked about Shakira

Gerard Piqué’s father, Joan Piqué, was found by a reporter in Barcelona while walking his dog. However, one of the things that surprised her was to see that she ran away when they asked her about Shakira and the sale of her house now that the Colombian is in Miami with her family.

It was through the streets of Barcelona that the journalist from a Spanish medium was able to meet Joan Pique walking with his dog, it was at that moment that he took the opportunity to ask him questions about the sale of the house of Shakira.

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“It is said that you offered to sell Shakira’s house, that they already had potential buyers, who have already come to see it, how is the sale of the house going?”, the reporter asked.

However, the father of Gerard Piqué He did not want to give any statement and only managed to run away from the cameras next to his dog. Apparently, she is still uncomfortable talking about the Colombian artist who is currently in Miami.

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Gerard Piqué and his father would have wanted to leave Shakira bankrupt

Many know the popular song of Shakira with bizarreMusic Session #53“, where the artist mentions the following phrase: “You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury”, she is heard singing.

But apparently, all this would have a story behind it and it would actually be about how Gerard Piqué and his father would have taken advantage of the trust that the Colombian gave them so that they can manage their finances, in order to buy companies in tax havens name of the singer, making her the only one responsible for paying the taxes.