He had a vasectomy without telling his girlfriend and she got pregnant by his best friend

David White Blake He uses his social networks to share his work as a sexologist. in your account TikTok and instagram gives advice, answers questions and demolishes myths. However, he recently surprised his followers after revealing his heartbreak story that made him live through hell.

White He said that their relationship began at school, he fell madly in love with a classmate, introduced her to his family and they were together for many years. When she finished her studies, she went to work because she thought they had a “future” to “fight” for. The two were able to move in together after a short time.

During the coexistence a strange episode worried them. The young man says that his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant, but once a test was done it turned out that it was a psychological pregnancyaccording to what the specialists told him.

After this bad moment, the young man decided to get a vasectomy. “I didn’t want to have children, I’ve never seen myself with children,” says the young man, who also admits that he never told his girlfriend that he had undergone this procedure. So, he never suspected what would happen.

“One day he came home and told me: ‘I’m pregnant‘. I thought it would be another psychological pregnancy, but this time the studies were positive,” said the man, who by that time had already passed the stages of the operation and was already sterile.

“Obviously, she didn’t know she had a vasectomy and I asked her something hysterical ‘whose was it?’”, says the young man. The woman said that she did not understand what had happened, but soon she found out that her best friend, whom she had known since elementary school, was the child’s father.