He is a footballer and faked his death to collect the insurance: he is imprisoned

In Germany, a man has just been sentenced to prison for an unusual situation. This is Hiannick Kamba, a footballer who will now face 3 years and 10 months in prison, after he pleaded guilty to faking his own death to collect his life insurance.

Kamba became a teammate of Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper for the German national team, in the youth categories of Schalke 04. The insurance policy he bought with his wife in 2015 was for 1.36 million dollars.

In 2016, Kamba was playing for the Yeg Hassel, of the German rise. He was pronounced dead after suffering a traffic accident in Congo, his native country. The wife gave the death certificate, but he was alive. And last year they found him working in an energy factory in Ruhr, in northwestern Germany.

According to reports, Kamba himself went to the German embassy in Kinshasa, the Congolese capital, in 2018 to deny his death. In addition, he reported that he had run out of documentation, telephone or money when he visited the African country.

As a result of the investigations, the former soccer player and his wife were arrested and tried for fraud. Now the two will remain in prison for almost four years, despite the fact that their lawyers claimed that the couple had not collected life insurance.