He lost his leg due to a tumor, but he learned to surf at the age of 60 and now he wants to go to the World Cup

From Núñez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oscar Reinoso, 61, has overcome several obstacles in his life, having lost his leg to a tumor in 2008. However, that was not an impediment to moving forward and learning to surf at the age of 60. She now seeks to compete in the World Cup of that sport in California for the category above knee amputee, standing.

Reinoso, who has always been characterized as a sports lover, points out that his goal is not to be an example for the rest, but to “give an inclusive message.” “Do you understand? Amputees, a bag of waste, we can be happy, we can carry out our passions. You just have to propose it (…). I fight tirelessly so that they give us a place and help the disabled that in sports we pour out our faith, enthusiasm and desire to live ”, he expressed to Clarín.

Despite this, Óscar has shown perseverance since 2007, when he was 47 years old and found out about the presence of a tumor in his right knee after it swelled considerably. “You have to remove your leg; if not, the risk of life is enormous”, doctors from Israel, Germany, Cuba and the United States told him. And so it was, while he underwent extremely painful chemotherapy.

After that and returning home with his wife, Marcela, from whom he separated in 2010, and their four children, Micaela, Evelyn, Alan and Lautaro, he decided not to feel limited by his disability. The first thing he did was not change his room from the fourth floor to the first, since he claimed that he would go up the stairs despite his condition. And he did it.

the world surfing

In 2022, Reinoso, also known as the ‘Black’ Earning a taekwondo black belt as a youth, he learned to surf in Santa Clara. After his great progress in a short time, he pointed out that He wanted to participate in the World Cup of this sport in California, a competition scheduled for December 2023. “I have several South Americans ahead of me to test myself and see my evolution: in March, in Playa Grande, then in Chile in the middle of the year, and there is another in Hawaii,” he added in the Clarín interview.

Currently, the 61-year-old athlete, who also excelled in volleyball, tennis and martial arts, frequents the waves of Puerto Cardiel, under the supervision of his coach, Lucas Rubino. His routine to start surfing consists of removing his hydraulic prosthetic leg and replacing it with a computerized one. That takes a minute and a half of your time. Already when he is surfing, he receives the applause of the visitors to the beach. Undoubtedly, Reinoso has “a full life that had moments of free fall.”

Reinoso became known, first, for being an athlete in general, since he always stood out. That allowed him to meet stars like Messi, Nadal and Federer.

“It was in 2015 or 2016 when I met Lionel, an incredible kid, with a humility that cannot be believed. I think he had just won the Champions League… The kid asked me about me, what had happened to me, how he was doing. He was doing a report on me, I couldn’t believe it, much less when he asked me for a T-shirt of mine that had my image on it and he wrote me: ‘Thank you for giving my life more life.’ It was something unforgettable ”, he recounted about one of his experiences.

After that, he began to travel as a guest of different associations. “For each talk they paid me between US$3,000 and US$5,000 if it was abroad, and around $50,000 in Argentina. Until the pandemic it went from here to there, but then it slowed down a bit. Now I have two meetings scheduled, one in Fortaleza (Brazil) in April and another in Costa Rica (it would be in May). It is the income that allows me to live, to support myself in this very expensive activity, ”he added.

At this time, He is not only looking to participate in the Surfing World Cup, but also to get a sponsor who can cover the expenses of his surf team. “Do you know how much a post surfboard is worth? About $250,000. I would need two, because the possibility of damage or deterioration is great, the same as neoprene uniforms. Summer is one thing and winter is another, ”she explained.