He made his debut at the age of 16 and now he is a figure in America: the relationship between Juan Reynoso and Pedro Aquino

John Reynoso is the new coach of the peruvian national team and, in his first days in office, his mission is to assess which players will be important during his process. One of the names that is shaping up to be the owner is Peter Aquinas who has been breaking it in America from Mexico and, although many do not know it, his relationship with the coach goes back many years.

Peter Aquinas He began to stand out at Sporting Cristal in 2014 at the hands of Daniel Ahmed. However, few remember that his first opportunity to play as a professional came in 2011, when he was only 16 years old and at the hands of “Cabezón”. This happened on May 29 for the first round of the Intermediate Tournament. A contest played by teams from the first and second divisions and the Peru Cup.

The ‘light blue’ faced Bolognesi de Tacna at the Jorge Basadre Grohmann stadium and, despite their superiority, they could not break the 0-0 tie. At that time, it was Reynoso sent a young man to the field Not here replacing Diego Chávarri. The change was lucky, because just a minute later, Andy Pando would score the winning goal.

Reynoso makes me debut. At that time, I played as a midfielder on the outside, not as a holding midfielder. Debuting at 16 is something you can’t imagine. Now I am happy that he is doing well in Mexico. I think that in the future it would be good to see him in the national team”, The midfielder told DirecTV years later without knowing that his wish would be a prediction.

the confidence of Reynoso With the ‘Fiera’ he was not only in his debut, but he put him in five games of that tournament, even starting as a starter in the quarterfinals in the 1-1 draw against Alianza Unicachi. In that contest, the Rimenses reached the semifinals, where they lost to José Galvez and the ‘Cabezón’ was dismissed some time later due to poor results.

Coach and player met again 10 years later in the Liga MX All-Star match against MLS, a friendly match that pitted the best Mexican soccer players against those from the United States.

On that occasion, Reynoso he was chosen coach due to his recent success with Cruz Azul, with whom he became champion after 23 years. For his part, the ‘Rock’ came from breaking it in America from Mexico, for which he was summoned by the ‘Cabezón’.

By then, the two had already met on a couple of occasions, the most important being in the Liga MX quarterfinals, when León, in which he played Not here eliminated Puebla, led at the time by Juan Máximo.

By then, Peter Aquinas He was a few months out of the ‘Bicolor’ calls. When Reynoso was asked about this situation, he advised him to talk to the ‘Tiger’: “Aquino is a boy who is still humble, I was lucky enough to make him debut at 16, and he is still the same boy who lived in the Cristal concentration. Surely he has a pending conversation with Ricardo Gareca, he admires and respects him a lot”.

Misunderstandings are fixed with communication. Playing in America is very difficult and he does it with great class. He has earned respect from his teammates and his own rivals. They are things that an outsider sees and that he gives me a lot of pleasure because we contribute something for that moment, ”he continued.

The last time the ‘Cabezón’ referred to Aquino was to praise his performance in the Golden Eagles: “It was surprising for me, because they are clubs that overwhelm you in the media. ANDl played with a personality as if he was 5 or 6 years old. He never weighed his shirt and even at times the team was Aquino and 10 more”, he mentioned to Gol Peru.