He murdered a man, found evidence of cannibalism in his home and was sentenced to life in prison

A man was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Berlin, Germany, after being accused of killing, dismembering and cannibalizing a 43-year-old man, whom he managed to contact via the Internet.

The defendant, identified as Stefan R., a 42-year-old teacher, was reportedly found guilty by authorities in Germany for crimes of “murder” and “attack on the peace of the dead.”

While the terrible crime occurred in 2020, the German court recently sentenced Stefan R. for the death of man. Furthermore, due to the seriousness of the events, conditions were added to his sentence that make his release impossible.

Chilling murder

On September 6, 2020, the murderer arranged a sexual encounter with his victim through a dating app and made an appointment at his home, located in Berlin-Pankow, north of the German capital.

At the scene, the subject gave a glass of GHB (drug) to the victim, who instantly lost consciousness. Subsequently, he was brutally murdered.

Relatives of the victim reported his disappearance to the authorities in Germany. The body was found in November 2020, by some tourists. Forensic examinations confirmed that it was the missing man.

Did cannibalism

After analyzing the victim’s cell phone, investigators identified the taxi driver who drove to the defendant’s home. The man took them to the scene of the crime and there they found a trace of blood, other parts of the body and a saw to cut bones.

“There was a lot of blood from the victim,” commented the German authorities, who indicated that they found “concrete and detailed” evidence about the cannibalism.