He stabbed his cousin to death because he did not let him dance with his partner: Relatives burned his house

In full celebration for the New Year, a terrible crime occurred in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. A man, identified as Fred Villalobos, stabbed to death his cousin Jacob Aragón, 40, because he would not let him dance with his wife.

As reported by the Metropolitan Police of Colombia, the crime occurred at dawn on January 1, when Fred Villalobos, under the influence of alcohol, argued strongly with his cousin for not letting him dance with his partner.

The dispute ended in a strong physical altercation. The murderer insulted his furious cousin and took a knife by stabbing him in the back, seriously compromising several of his vital organs, cites the medical report shared by the health personnel who treated him.

After committing the murder, Fred villalobos he fled the scene of the crime and hid in the highest part of some hills near the place. Santa Marta police agents began an operation to capture the murderer.

The victim’s family burned down the killer’s house

With great pain and anger at his death, the victim’s relatives went to the homicide’s home and set fire to his home, according to a neighbor reported to the local media.

“When the family learned of the death, the attacks occurred again; When the suspect saw that he was trapped, he fled the scene and that was when his house was set on fire. Very sad that these events are registered in the same family and during the end of the year ”, he revealed.

It should be noted that so far the details of the attack on the homicide’s house are unknown and if there are detainees for the damage caused in retaliation to the murder of Jacob Aragon.