He stole the identity of a child who died 20 years ago: he worked, got married and traveled the world

The scandalous case of Ricardo César Guedes has gone around the world after making it known that he lived part of his life in the United States with an identity that was not his, but that of William Ericson Ladd, a child who died in a car accident in 1979 .

According to the media, the 49-year-old man, originally from Sao Paulo (Brazil), posed as the minor William Ericson Ladd to apply for a US passport in 1998 in order to stay in the North American country.

For 20 years, Ricardo César Guedes lived fraudulently in U.S and he got to renew his passport up to six times. However, his lie would come to light at the end of the year 2021.

How did they discover the truth?

According to US authorities, the man worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines, married and even obtained a mortgage in Houston with the identity of the deceased minor.

However, it was all exposed when investigators discovered his real identity by comparing the fingerprints he presented for his Brazilian national identity card that he showed in 1990.

Punishment for fraud

In September 2021, Ricardo César Guedes was detained by the Police at George Bush Intercontinental Airport when he entered a crew member’s area using the identity of the deceased minor, after “various indicators of fraud” managed to mark his passport.

“United has a comprehensive verification process for new employees that meets federal legal requirements,” said a spokesman for the company where Guedes worked in USA

Prior to being detained by federal agents, the man identified himself as William Ericson LaddBut authorities showed him the child’s death certificate and a photo of his grave in Alabama.

“I had a dream and the dream is over (…). Now I have to face reality, “said Guedes when he was arrested.

It should be noted that the Diplomatic Security Service of the State Department annually investigates approximately 5,000 cases of passport fraud in the North American country.