He worked 8 years at NASA: he had no experience and was hired by mistake

David Miller is the protagonist of this story. He got a job at NASA without even applying for a job search. He did not have any interviews nor did he have previous experience, but he spent 8 years working without knowing what his role was about.

“There is a different job that we think you may like and it is to be a manipulator in the analysis graphics and interactive kinematics team,” they explained to him when one day they called him from Boeing, to a position that he applied.

When he was called and told that he had been hired, Miller thought it was for the mechanical engineer position, but the young man traveled to Texas and when he was completing the paperwork to sign the contract he realized that he was joining NASA.

“I don’t think the hiring process was intentionally confusing or secretive, I think it’s just that Boeing is a great contractor for NASA, and they really needed people. In fact, I had a co-worker who was hired a week before me, and it happened essentially the same way for him, “Miller said.

“I was able to work on things that went into space and physically touch them and make a difference,” Miller recalled on BuzzFeed, after his case was known and he left his position at NASA.