Healthy eating should not take vacations

During the holidays, with moments of dispersion, entertainment and leisure, sometimes we neglect some eating habits. However, vacations do not mean neglecting healthy habits.

No matter the season of the year, the healthy nutrition It must be a constant habit. This must be varied, balanced and distributed in four foodsadding a healthy snack as a collation.

What to do with the little ones?ña-sentada-en-una-mesa-22b5f8db.jpg


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The challenge that adults have these days is great: on the one hand, to entertain and fill those hours of leisure and, on the other, to continue caring for the growth and development of children.

Keep a feeding healthy should be simple and enjoyable, since we have all kinds of foods with important nutrients available: fortified dairy products, vegetables, fruit and legumes. The fundamental thing when it comes to taking care of feeding of the children is to make sure that what they eat is healthy.

In these weeks of more relaxation, do not forget to respect the hours of foods and dedicate more time to them: eating in a relaxed way allows better digestion and less stress.

It is an ideal time to reinforce the habit of communicating, putting aside toys, cell phones, tablets or TV and taking an interest in what each member of the family does, thinks and feels.