Hermano del Gato throws a dart at Melissa: “Thanks to those who left, they allowed others to come”

You can’t beat your genius! Rodrigo Cuba is living a great moment after being supported by Ale Venturo, and his brother took advantage of this moment to throw a dart at him.

On your Instagram account, Jorge Cuba shared an extensive message for the New Year, and in a part of this, he surprised with his words because they would have been directed to the ex-partner of El Gato, who was protected by Anthony Aranda while they were still married.

The brother of Rodrigo Cuba wrote some controversial words that would not only be a hint to Melissa Paredes, but also a welcome to Ale Venturo, Natalie Vértiz’s friend.

“Kitten returned to his business after a year of for a complex operation and closed his year in the best way. And my father who reappeared needed to support us to death as always,” he said Jorge Cuba.

“Personally, thanks to life for the good, the bad, what was and also what was not. To those who are always in good times and bad. To those who left because they allowed others to come. To those who being far away they try to be close, “he added.

Along with his words, Jorge Cuba shared a series of photos with his family, including his niece Mia, and his brother Rodrigo Cuba, with whom he is closer than ever. Oops!

Lourdes Sacín supports Gato Cuba’s romance with Ale Venturo: “I love that he is happy”

Lourdes Sacín used his official account Facebook to send his best wishes to Rodrigo Cuba and his new outgoing, Ale Venturo, as he recalled that he is only trying to get ahead after his divorce from Melissa Paredes.

“Everything seems to indicate that El Gato Cuba and Ale Venturo walk in little outings, because they leave many signs until they put little hearts. They also caught them on New Years together. I love the idea that the Cat is happy, “he said.

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