Hernán Vidaurre recalls anecdotes with Luis Castañeda Lossio

Hernán Vidaurre regretted the sudden departure of Luis Castañeda Lossio, recalled that in addition to imitating him the former mayor of Lima was his friend, even on more than one occasion he passed through the set of The Funny and also invited him to his birthday.

The imitator assures that the former mayor may have been criticized but considers that he did works that many will remember, as a human being he considered him a great person and was the character he best characterized.

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-What memories of the former mayor of Lima?
His departure hurts me, it surprises me, like many people who knew him closely. I knew him more than 20 years ago, when I began to imitate in the program ’24 Minutos’ (on Panamericana Televisión). That time we made a note with him on a hill, they still didn’t know him very much. He grabbed me affection, esteem, there was always mutual respect. My condolences to his family.

-What anecdotes do you have with Castañeda?
Many and good. He invited me to his birthdays, I liked him to go, we chatted on several occasions. If there was a friendship, I appreciate him and his family.

-Was Luis Castañeda one of your best imitations?
Without a doubt it was, he was once on the JB program, he said that the imitation he liked the most was the one I did. But neither did the flannel pass him, if he did something wrong he was criticized, he never bothered.

-He was also criticized for his political work at the time.
There will always be criticisms, for me he was a visionary for his works in Lima, his work for health with the Solidarity Hospitals for example. I am a politician, imitated politicians because it is my job, but if he did something wrong at the time he was also criticizedLike when he was imitated in Los Chistosos, on the show we didn’t marry anyone and he knew it. It had a wide strap.

-Now you run out of characters little by little.
Years ago Alan García now Luis Castañeda left, the truth will go to the trunk of memories. Although people ask me to imitate Alan in the shows, that is inevitable, but how little it is to imitate them. Alan’s character is rich, as the years go by people enjoy him, my Castañeda imitation was one of my best imitations.

-On the other hand, did you renew to continue with The Funny?
Yes, we move on. In a few months we will be on the air for 29 years with Los Chistosos on RPP, I’m still with Manolo Rojas and Giovanna Castro. I’m also on Radio La Mega from 10 to 12 noon, Monday through Friday, we grow little by little with humility. Thank God there is work.