Hestia Foundation performs technical training graduation

The Hestia Foundation together with the General Directorate of Vocational Schools of the Armed Forces and the National Police and the Program Supérate celebrated this Wednesday, November 23, the second graduation of Technical Training Program.

With the intonation of the National Anthem and a prayer to the Almighty, directed by Professor Martin Cordero, the delivery of certificates to the 350 graduates began, out of a total of 700 graduates in more than 47 formations.

The table of honor was made up of the president of the Hestia Foundation, Ioana Giouzeppos, the director of relations with the private sector Athena Giouzeppos; the executive director Nastassja Iribarren.

As well as Gloria Reyes, director of Supérate and Major General Juan José Otaño Jiménez, director of the Vocational Schools of the Armed Forces.

Ioana Giouzeppos was in charge of opening the event. During her speech, she spoke of the commendable work carried out by the foundation for those most in need in order to improve their quality of life, she refers to a press release.

He pointed out that he is proud to know that the help offered by the entity is reaching the most needy and that 85% of the graduates of the centers he runs are women and some are single mothers.

He also thanked Gloria Reyes, director of Supérate, and Major General Juan José Otaño, for the sponsorship given to the foundation and to the entire team that makes the courses possible.

In this vein, Mrs. Gloria Reyes, expressed her satisfaction at being part of this initiative that is not only in charge of training students, but also guides them to be inserted in the labor market.

During the ceremony, the graduates of the Administration area were awarded, with the young woman being meritorious. Paola Camila Lizardo, who received a laptop to continue developing their skills.

The sublime moment was the recognition of Mrs. paulina morellwho at 69 years old was the best sewing student.

Morel, upon receiving his medal and a sewing machine, asked the young people not to stop studying, claiming that it is never too late to fulfill their dreams.

In the area of ​​Male Aesthetics, the youngsters Kelvin Javier Jiménez and Blas Abreu received their diplomas on behalf of the 46 graduates of that area.

On behalf of the Events and Decoration area, Mrs. Ana Julia de la Cruz Castillo was honored and in Basic English, Jasiel Corporan Feliz.

Those from the area of ​​Health, Pharmacy and Care, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Cosmiatria and Professional Makeup, who received their medals, were also distinguished.



Luisa Maria Rodríguez, representing the graduates, thanked God, the teachers, and the board of directors. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Following this, Major General Otaño, director of the Vocational Schools, congratulated the graduates and recalled how important it is that these aids reach those most in need.

He recounted that the most important thing about this work is that many young people have left the streets.

On the other hand, Luisa Maria Rodríguez, representing the graduates, thanked God, the teachers, the board of directors, the foundation and all those who contribute their grain of sand every day so that the courses continue to be a reality.

In the same way, he asked his colleagues to take advantage of the opportunities that have been offered to them to enter the labor market.

In this sense, graduates and members of the Neighborhood Council of the Los Girasoles sector delivered a plaque of thanks to the Hestia Foundation for their contributions in the sector, for the benefit of young people

The Hestia Foundationfounded seven years ago, gives 43 totally free training sessions through the centers and with the alliances of its sponsors.

Since its inception, it has graduated more than 1,600 young people in different areas.