His replacement? Adriana Quevedo appears in América Hoy after the resignation of Brunella Horna: “She came flying”

He went with everything! Adriana Quevedo has been away from television since she finished her role as “Chela” in Al fondo hay sitio, and since she stopped driving D’morrow. However, now her luck could change, since it was revealed that she could replace Brunella Horna in América Hoy.

The popular ‘Baby Brune’ reappeared this morning of Monday April 17 in oh to announce his resignation for medical reasons, which shocked his colleagues. However, Giselo did not miss the opportunity to find a new driver or conductor, and speculated with some names.

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This was not all, since moments later, the drivers presented as a special guest Adriana Quevedo, who until a few months ago was a host in Panamericana, in the program that is now known as Préndete. Given this, Edson Dávila left with everything, and threw her out.

“It’s true, I want to congratulate Adriana. Adrianita, welcome, she heard my call, she came flying, with my call she came flying, you know we need a new driver and I really congratulate you. You are a woman who gets it,” she said, which caused Janet Barboza to pull his ears. “No, what a bad friend and what a bad partner,” she said.

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Adriana Quevedo sends a message to Brunella Horna

These words of Giselo took everyone by surprise. Adriana Quevedowho did not miss the opportunity to send a heartfelt message to Brunella Horna, now that it will no longer be a part of America Today.

“No no, I know I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know her very much, but from here a greeting to her too, because there is no need to meet people to wish them a good time, good health and from here a super kiss for her,” he said.

The words of Adriana Quevedo moved Ethel Pozo, who did not hesitate to also address Brunella Horna, who is now in Chiclayo with Richard Acuña. “And the good vibes, it’s good that he went on a trip, you know it. A kiss for Brunella,” she finished.