His stomach hurt, he thought it was from the street food, but he was diagnosed with cancer

Freddie Herrera, a Latino residing in Valle del Río, Texas (United States), found out in the worst way that he had colon cancer. He began to suffer from stomach pains, he thought it was because of the dishes he ate on the street, but when they got worse he went to a medical center.

herrera He affirms that he led a healthy life, however, one night he felt pain. The man had little time to eat lunch at his home, so he was forced to eat on the street. “I thought the abdominal pain was due to something he had eaten,” he told Univision.

The pain was occasional and she even thought she had hemorrhoids when she noticed bleeding in her stool. But one afternoon, when she was working out at the gym, she began to feel nauseous and nearly passed out.

“The symptoms I was noticing were minor and not permanent. Luckily, I had a relationship with my primary care doctor who I always went to for my yearly checkups.”revealed to Univision.

He went to the hospital, worried about his health. After examining him, he recommended that he lower the intensity of his physical training and eat better. herreraHowever, he requested more tests and after performing a colonoscopy they detected the presence of a tumor.

“He explained to me that he had found a tumor and told me: ‘I’m not going to tell you it’s cancer, but it looks like it.’ He recommended that I consult a surgeon immediately, ”explained the man.

The man was treated. With the help of relatives and doctors, he underwent an operation and after months of recovery he managed to heal. “People focus a lot on ‘I have cancer, I’m going to die, how long do I have left to live?’ But it is a process and you have to learn to live with it, because it changes you,” he said. Herrera.