Historic heat wave in Argentina: Buenos Aires exceeded 40 ° C after almost 30 years

Since 1995, no temperatures exceeding 40 ° C have been recorded in the city of Buenos Aires. The historic heat wave continues to impact several areas of Argentina this Tuesday, January 11, according to the National Meteorological Service.

Other places that were affected by the high temperatures were Santiago del Estero and Córdoba.

“Finally, 40 ° C was exceeded in the city of Buenos Aires. This value was not reached since 1995 ″ indicated through his official account on Twitter the SMN. It also details that it is the fourth hottest day since the records began in the city (1906).

Santiago del Estero registered 41.2 ° C, Termas de Río Hondo 40.4 ° C, City of Buenos Aires (40.9 ° C) and Córdoba (39 ° C), according to a ranking of cities with higher temperatures published by the SMN.

At 1.00 pm, the 12 Buenos Aires towns had exceeded 35 degrees Celsius: Tandil, Olavarría, San Carlos de Bolívar, Azul, La Plata, San Fernando, El Palomar, Dolores, Merlo, Ezeiza and the aforementioned Campo de Mayo and Ciudad from Buenos Aires.

Amid the high temperatures, a power outage was also recorded in different locations in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area region, which affected hundreds of users

The high temperatures that have been registered in much of the country since last Friday are due to “a very intense high pressure system that is in part affecting the north and center of Argentina, and allows the entry of a warm air mass from the north ”, reported Cindy Fernández, a meteorologist for the SMN.

In addition, from the warm mass from northern Patagonia to northern Argentina, temperatures increase with some conditions such as “clear skies and a time of year where the insolation is high,” the specialist told Télam.

More than 200,000 people suffered power cuts in Buenos Aires last Tuesday and the Buenos Aires suburbs due to the high demand caused by a heat wave that generated the collapse of the electrical system.

According to government data from the Electricity Regulatory Entity (Enre), There are 153,314 users affected by blackouts in the area that corresponds to the Edenor company.

“A high voltage line went out of service due to a fire that occurred in a house in the San Martín district (province of Buenos Aires),” according to the company in a statement.

He added that “it affected a large part of the northern corridor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires. The company has started the normalization maneuvers, which will be staggered and it is expected to restore the service progressively in the next few hours ”.

Edesur, the second company that manages the electricity lines in the metropolitan area, explained that they had failures in the high voltage lines “outside” of its subsidiary.

This caused the interruption of the service in two substations that affected the supply of 58,445 users and a large part of its jurisdiction with low voltage shocks in areas where there is still light.

With information from EFE.