Hony Estrella and Santiago Matías father are no longer in “This is no radio show”

Hony Estrella leaves the country. A few weeks … The communicator left the morning radio program of Alofoke FM in which she shared with Ramón Tolentino, Gabi Desangles, Ariel Santana, Pedro Manuel Casals and Santiago Matías Sr., although the latter has not been heard for days either.

On Thursday, Hony and his colleagues were interviewing the psychologist Eladio Hernández when she took the opportunity to ask that they put aside their religious beliefs when asking questions, a request that was not to the liking of Pablo Casals.

At that moment, the communicator took her wallet and left the program that is transmitted by the Alofoke FM station, through the 99.3 dial.

In fact, days ago Hony had notified her prompt departure due to commitments that would even take her out of Dominican territory.

The also actress is a producer of the film “Rafaela”. Two years ago, he decided to take the giant step into film production, and he chose a project that touched his heart. This is the film directed by Tito Rodríguez, starring Judith Rodriguez.

“Hony is going to present the film Rafaela at a festival in India and he will stay there for a while, which is why he had to leave the radio program,” a person close to him told Listín Diario.

It was unclear whether when he returns to the country he will rejoin the Alofoke FM morning show.