How can I get my CURP in Mexico and what is needed?

The Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) It is an identification code that is intended to register all the people who live in Mexico whether they are nationals or foreigners. This document is essential to carry out various official procedures as well as to access banking services.

Accessing this document requires a simple procedure through the internet. In this note we tell you how to obtain your CURP and everything you need to know about this code.

The CURP is usually obtained along with the birth certificate, but in some cases it involves a different process. This is because only in 1996 it was ruled as mandatory for all Mexican citizens to have a CURP, regardless of whether or not they reside in the country. Therefore, there are still people who need to manage this document for the first time.

For those who were born in Mexico, the CURP process is carried out only through the Civil registration or, if you are outside the country, at the Mexican Consular Offices abroad. Instead, naturalized Mexicans will receive a CURP from the National Institute of Migration (INM) or the General Coordination of the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (Comar).

In this sense, to process your CURP you must go to the competent offices and carry out the following steps:

In case your CURP has an error, you will have to go to the headquarters of the Civil Registry or some of the modules of the National Population Registry with a copy of the proof of identity document, as well as the printing of the CURP. In this way, you will have access to request the correction of the information.

The documents that must be presented at the time of requesting the CURP are the following

This code is used to officially identify each person, which is why it is considered a fundamental document to access government procedures and services. The CURP must be presented to process the voting credential of the National Electoral Institute (INE) process the passport, enroll in any school grade, to enter a job, apply for a loan, among others.

You can obtain more information about your CURP by entering the official consultation portal Also, if you already know your password, you will only have to type it. In case you don’t know, you can fill in the form with your personal data (name, date of birth and gender). Then, you just click on the ‘Search’ button and your CURP will appear. Remember that you can download or print it.

Finally, if you detect an error, you can modify it in person through the CURP module closest to your home. You can also contact the support line of the CURP User Service Center by calling 51 28 11 11, from the Mexico City and 01 800 911 11 11 in the rest of the country.