How can you save photos or videos that are deleted on single viewing on WhatsApp?

It usually happens to us many times that in WhatsApp someone send us one photo either video that we have to open to see, and then it disappears. Given this, we ask ourselves how we can save these contents in the gallery of our iPhone phone either Android if they are important.

There are many options to be able to capture that image or clip, but, before knowing how to do it, you must take into account that your interlocutor must know in advance that you will save that image that he sent you in a conversation.

Use screenshots for Android and iOS

The most classic and predominant way to do it is to take a screenshot, although for this you must make sure you have a good mechanism for these screenshots. It is recommended to use an application for this operation, since at least the native function of the Android It blocks you from being able to take screenshots.

Now you must open WhatsApp and the chat where they have passed you this unique visualization material. By accessing it, you take the screenshot immediately. In the iPhonesthe option that can work for you without having to press any button is AssistiveTouchfor which you must complete the following steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Accessibility’.
  • Then choose the ‘Touch’ option and immediately tap on ‘AssistiveTouch’.
  • Activate it and in ‘Custom Actions’ choose ‘Tap twice’
  • Finally, select ‘Screenshot’.

Then, when opening the image that we want to save, double-click on the AssistiveTouch to take the catch. This option is also useful for those who have problems with their smartphone.

Record your screen for videos with a single playback

In the case of videos, you can rely on a apps designed to record the screen of your smartphone. An example is Screen Recorder in the Androidwhich can be downloaded to your Play Store. Another is record it.

To put these applications into practice, you just have to allow them to access your camera and microphone on the cell phone. Then follow these steps:

  • With the apps turned on, press the red button that allows you to record video.
  • When it’s recording, exit the app and go to WhatsApp. Open the single view video and play it.
  • After finishing playback, return to the apps to stop recording and edit it in terms of appearance and length.

If you can’t do the latter, you can also cut it from your gallery or photos app. When finished, do not forget to save or download in gallery.

If your phone is a iphoneyou must use the included tool of iOS to record screen. If you do not have it activated, complete these steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Control Center’.
  • Now go to the ‘More controls’ list and select the ‘Record screen’ function.
  • Drag the control center from top to bottom with your finger and select the recording circle. When it starts, you enter the single view video, play it and stop it.
  • Go to your photos and select ‘Edit’ to crop the snippet you want to keep.

Save photos or videos without screenshot

If you rooted your Androidthat is, the operation to extend permissions and go to a superuser to make multiple changes to the operating system, you can use a file explorer to enter the folder where these are stored: /data/com.whatsapp/files/ViewOnce .

If you are interested in rooting your Android, review the pros and cons of this procedure. You can also use apps like magisk either Xposedwith which you can disable Flag_secure, that is, the protection of Android versus screenshots. Once installed, the tab is activated LSPosed Modules for its use to be enabled in WhatsApp. For it to work, restart your cell phone.