How did Diego Rivera manage to be part of “Send whoever is in charge” and why was he removed so soon?

At the premiere of “Send whoever is in charge” a 24-year-old young man who would accompany María Pía Copello and the ‘Charlotte‘ (Carlos Vilchez). Is about Diego Riverawho was in charge of monitoring the social networks of said television program.

The influencer was very excited to be part of the new América Televisión magazine, but according to what he told in his stories, he was suddenly fired, causing him great astonishment by only belonging for two months in the program hosted by María Pía.

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Farewell message from Diego Rivera

Diego indicated that his retirement was a “news that took you by surprise”, because for the young announcer this change was without prior notice. Given this, Diego thanked the television space for the opportunity to co-host a program, despite his young age.

“Hello, I would like to share with you that since last Thursday I am no longer part of the ‘Mande Quien Mande’ team, it was decided to disassociate myself from co-hosting,” he informed his followers, who did not understand why he stopped appearing on the screen from one moment to the next” commented Diego.

After that, he stated that despite his retirement, he invites the public to continue watching the television program.

“I take with me a tremendous first television experience and great friends. On the other hand, I would like to invite you to continue watching Mande Quien Mande, which for me is a well-done program and, above all, it helps many people with its different sequences, ”he said.

Finally, Diego Rivera He said that he will take time to connect with himself and consider new challenges in his professional career. “I send you a very big hug friends, thank you for the tremendous support you gave me and I am sure that we will see each other soon or far away in another format. With much love, Diego ”, he declared.

Magaly Medina reveals that Diego Rivera did not work in “MQM”

The reasons for his dismissal are unknown, because so far none of the drivers have spoken about it, but according to Magaly Medina revealed on his live show that Diego Rivera did not yield in “send who sends”, and it was for this reason that it was removed from the television space.

“On television it is trial and error, one rehearses day after day, correcting mistakes and adapting to what the public wants,” revealed Magaly.

Who is Diego Rivera?

Diego Rivera A 26-year-old young man studied at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) and studied Communications, he is a stand-up comedian, influencer and radio host.

He held his first acting workshop at the age of 18 and thanks to its great reception he presented his first show was “nothing is so bad”, and managed to fill venues in different parts of Peru.

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Where did Diego Rivera work before co-hosting “Send whoever is in charge”?

Diego was part of zero wave a Peruvian radio station whose program broadcasts music from urban genres. Due to its success the magazine “THINGS” managed to interview him by placing him on the main cover.

During his short appearance on “Send whoever is in charge”, he was in charge of the social networks of said program, hosted by Maria Pia Copello and Carlos Vilchez.

Through his Instagram account in which he has more than 144 thousand followers, he shares his podcast ‘nothing is so bad‘.

Given his short experience, they opted for his talent and stage performance but he could only be part of the television program for a short period, but he has achieved a fat step for his professional career and promises new developments this year.