How did Melcochita and Monserrat’s love story begin and how long have they been together?

Pablo Villanueva or better known by his stage name “Melcochita”, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved comedians in Peru. But over the years, not only the artistic side of the comedian has been known, but also the scandals of his private life, whether due to his romance with his current wife Monserrat or because of the problems with their daughters.

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although nowadays “Melcochita” They are living one of their best stages, today in The popular We will remember a little more about their romance, which began with more than one controversy.

How did the love story of Melcochita and Monserrat begin?

Paul Villanueva Y Monserrat Seminary They met in the city of Catacaos more than fifteen years ago, when the comedy actor he was 69 years old and she was 26 years old. And although the age difference was very noticeable, they decided to start a love relationship, which became very popular in the media.

Back then the popular taffy He still had a relationship with his late ex-wife, Mery Espinoza, so at the beginning of the romance with Monserrat They had many conflicts with the families who were opposed to this relationship.

Although the love story between Melcochita and Monserrat He had a thousand and one media conflicts, over the years, they are one of the most solid couples in the Lima show business.

In this way, the couple decided to seal their love in a religious wedding in 2013, and it was in 2017 where they contracted a civil marriage in Piura.

For his wedding in Sullana, the comic actor wore a light blue short-sleeved shirt, and on the side of Monserrat he decided to use the color red for such an important date.

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How long have Melcochita and Monserrat been together?

Melcochita and Monserrat They have been in a relationship for 17 years. Thus, in a recent interview for the newspaper El Trome, Paul Villanueva decided to confess some secrets about his long romance with Monserrat. As the comedian mentions, despite the crises he has experienced over the years with his wife, if they are still together it is because there is love.

He also mentioned that for their recent 9-year married anniversary they decided to celebrate it quietly at home with their youngest daughters. He also assured that it is best to try to keep their relationship private since nowadays they believe that intimacy is very important.