How did the ‘Cat’ Cuba react after the engagement of Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda?

Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda have shown that their love relationship remains solid and strong despite the harsh criticism they received at the time. As is known, both began their romance after being supported when the driver was still married to Rodrigo Cuba. From there, the comments on social networks increased.

Now, the presenter and the dancer surprised their followers after announcing their formal engagement during their trip to Disney. The fact was published on digital platforms, and they were very happy to take such an important step in their lives.

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Melissa reveals the reaction of ‘Gato’ Cuba after learning of her engagement

Now, Melissa Paredes spoke with “love and fire” and revealed something that many viewers were wondering. The model was asked if Rodrigo Cuba had told her anything about her commitment to Anthony Aranda.

‘Meli’ responded affirmatively and pointed out that her daughter’s father congratulated her on said episode. “He congratulated me and he told me that you (‘Love and Fire’) had gone looking for him, he laughed to death…”, she expressed.

Melissa wanted to sell the ring that “Gato” gave her Cuba

Melissa Paredes also referred to the previous engagement ring she had when she was married to Rodrigo Cuba and pointed out that she wanted to sell it at the time.

“I returned the previous one, I tried to sell it, but they wanted to give me very little,” he said.