How do coronavirus cases affect teams’ preseason?

Peruvian soccer. With the arrival of the third wave of the COVID-19 soccer is not exempt from contagion. Thus, lately there have been several cases of infected footballers in different clubs in the country.

With regard to the Peruvian north, Athletic Grau de Piura announced that 2 of its players were diagnosed positive for COVID-19 after undergoing the swab test.

Likewise, the Carlos Stein club reported that 9 footballers from their squad were infected with coronavirus who remain isolated and under medical observation.

This situation affects the preparation of the teams in their preseason, not only in the training schedule, but also in the friendly matches that were agreed in advance.

For example, as a result of the cases presented in Athletic Grau the Alianza Atlético de Sullana club refused to play the friendly matches they had agreed to.

Another of the meetings that was suspended was Mannucci vs. Carlos Stein, scheduled for January 5.

On January 15, the official presentation of Mannucci in a match against Grau at the Guadalupe stadium, on a day called “Afternoon Tricolor.” However, for now, the organization of said event is under evaluation, since it was initially planned to be held with the public, but with the new measures and the advance of the coronavirus in the country, the situation could change.