How is the head of a sheep, the fish that has teeth equal to those of humans?

In the fauna there is a species whose appearance resembles that of the human. He sheep head fish He has teeth similar to those of people. They are found, most conspicuously, at Jennette’s Pier, at Nag’s Head, North Carolina (USA). That’s where Nathan Martin killed one.

Nathan Martin’s fishing. Photo: Jennette’s Pier/Facebook

He Archosargus probatocephalus He has a habit of swimming the Atlantic coast, from New York to Brazil. Due to its type of diet, it requires teeth similar to those of humans: it usually eats a variety of oysters, clams, crustaceans and some other vegetable matter.

It is also common to find the sheephead fish in Japan, South Korea and South China. Its length can reach 91 centimeters.

It enters freely in salty waters and occasionally in fresh ones. Due to its appearance, the human intends to collect it, killing it to have it as a trophy.

some people in Florida, where the fish are also, have been frightened by their appearance. “I’m not sure what species this strange fish belongs to, but this is one of the reasons why I don’t bathe in canals or rivers,” said user @frankie_nickole on TikTok.