How long has Luis Manuel, winner of “La voz Perú 2023”, been in Group 5 and how did he join the orchestra?

Luis Manuel Valdiviezo Sanchez is the new winner of the sixth season of “La voz Perú 2023”. Mauricio Mesones, who was his coach, did not hesitate to be excited by the achievement and thanked the support of the public, which was the main actor for these results to occur. The winning singer also had the support of Grupo 5, an orchestra in which he has worked for a long time. In the next note, he knows all the details.

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How long has Luis Manuel been working in Grupo 5?

Luis Manuel Valdiviezo He has extensive experience in the world of music and his time on television began in 2013 with the program “Rojo Fama Contra Fama”. Two years later, the young norteño was announced in one of the largest cumbia groups in Peru: the Team 5.

“I am very excited and grateful to the orchestra for having received me with such affection. I promise not to disappoint the fans of the group and to do my best so that people have fun at our concerts”, he stated.

The professional relationship between the group and the singer is long. Photo: Luis Manuel/Instagram

Since that date, various songs such as “What a pity” and “Fake love” have been chanted by various fans. However, the golden age came to an end in 2019, when a health problem cut short her career and she had to stay away from the orchestra for a long time.

Luis Manuel and his first time on “La voz Perú” in 2013

Luis he had already tried his luck in 2013 in the popular program “The voice Peru”. With the theme “Who do I want to lie to”, the applicant managed to move on to the battle stage in Jerry Rivera’s team.

Luis Manuel returned after 10 years to “La voz Perú”. Photo: composition LR/Instagram

Luis Manuel’s revenge in “La voz Perú 2023”

This time, Luis Manuel He returned to “La voz Perú” with much more ‘court’ on stage, without imagining that he would be the next exponent of singing in such an important program.

“Grateful, first of all, to God for the blessing he gives me in life. To my loved ones for being the engine and reason in every dream to fulfill; and you, the public, for your constant support. After nine years I return to #LaVozPerú in search of my biggest dream. Do not miss the great premiere of “La voz Perú 2023” by Latina from today. Are you ready for my audition? ”, She wrote when she returned to the TV space.

Return of Luis Manuel to Group 5

Finally, the singer’s return occurred in July 2021, when thousands of fans received him in the best way. This was noted on the social networks of the vocalist.